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Starting in the 1950 s, the overseas has developed Construction Waste Crusher, especially the emergence of the mobile crushing station is improved the operation condition of concentrator, will all the process to move directly to the mining site, save at least thirty percent of the cost, so the trend of the development of the mobile crushing plant is one of selecting the fusion. Different crushing equipment, screening equipment, feeding equipment and chassis are combined in different ways, which constitute various series and varieties of mobile crushing station.

Can be seen from the development of mobile crushing station of mobile Ultrafine Mill technology in slowly become strong, with the development of communication integration, mining equipment automation are also gradually promotion, in the mobile crushing station, intelligent equipment and automation is the key technology, a flexible planning of production control system is very important, so the country's manufacturers are trying to study the foreign advanced technology, and reform and innovation in certain technology, large mining equipment manufacturers have their own research and development center, studying crushing plant automatic control system, finally to deliver, not long ago, Shanghai manufacturers of mobile crushing plant technology, automatic control system for the radical innovation, fully realized the full automation of operation, in the industry, revealed a whirlwind, in today's society is arguably the most advanced mobile crushing station.

6 days ago

The Vertical Roller Mill analyzes all kinds of ore resources in depth, and combines the new grinding technology equipment produced by domestic cutting-edge technology. It is an indispensable equipment for manufacturing mineral powder. It is more targeted than ordinary milling machines, and it is energy efficient. Low-carbon, environmentally friendly, flexible operation, and low investment, it is favored and loved by major processing companies. So how much is a superfine mill? Before you understand the price of a superfine mill, you must understand the decisive factors that affect its price. Usually material costs, technology costs, market supply and demand, model size, etc. will have an impact on their prices.

Usually the quality of the material will affect the quality of the ultrafine Mill on the one hand, and directly limit the price of the equipment. Generally, the better the material, the higher the cost, and the price will increase. However, the quality of the equipment will be more reliable, the operation will be more stable, and the use process will reduce part of the maintenance cost and reduce the downtime, which is relatively cost-effective. The technical cost is also an important factor affecting the price of the ultra-fine mill. The higher the technology investment, the more significant the equipment performance, the better the use effect, the more profit for the users, but the same cost will be greater. The price will be higher; on the contrary, equipment with low technical content is cheaper and the effect is average. Ultra-fine mill market supply and demand, the market of this equipment is always an unstable factor, when the supply exceeds demand, manufacturers will have strong competition, at this time the equipment price is lower; on the contrary, when the supply is in short supply, the manufacturer has the market initiative, its The price will rise appropriately. Model size, ultra-fine mill models have a variety of models, the output of each model is different, the machine weight is different, the cost investment is different, so the price is also different.

The development of technology is changing with each passing day. In today’s continuous improvement of the grinding production process, the cost of producing a brand-new equipment has been greatly reduced, so the price of the new ultra-fine mill in the existing market is not very high. Then as a second-hand product, the price will of course be treated at a low price. Therefore, in general, customers who want to invest in processing, if not for the users of the shortage of funds, invest in or bypass the purchase of used equipment.

9 days ago

When users purchase the Ultrafine Mill, they are determined according to their actual needs, especially the properties of the materials to be processed, such as the hardness and humidity of the materials. The humidity of the materials is one of the important factors affecting the output of the mill. If the material humidity is too high, then we must do some processing before entering the mill. Today we want to share with you the influence of the moisture of the material on the mill. For the mill, the feed moisture has certain requirements. For example, the hardness of the ore needs to be below 7 and the humidity should not exceed 6%. If the humidity is too high, consider drying it and then grinding it. Generally, the moisture content is within 6%. If it exceeds this standard, the grinding material will enter the machine and adhere to the machine, which will reduce the production efficiency of the equipment, and will also block the circulation air duct, the discharge port of the analyzer, etc. Causes a decrease in production and, in severe cases, damage to the equipment.

In addition, the moisture content also affects the grinding performance of the mill. In the grinding process of materials, if the water content is too high, it will easily adhere to the machine during the grinding process, which will cause a certain burden on the machine, which will easily cause different degrees of damage to the machine; if the moisture is too high When entering the grinding machine, the heat generated by the grinding will cause the gas in the grinding chamber to evaporate and change the air flow, so that the circulating airflow increases, resulting in less powder or even explosion of the milling machine.

Excessive humidity of the material will only cause a series of negative effects on the production and use of the mill. Therefore, when selecting materials, the majority of users must first check the humidity of the material and meet the requirements before entering the mill. Users need to choose the mill manufacturer, advanced manufacturing technology and superior high wear-resistant high-quality materials to create an industrial mill to withstand the ore and time baptism in order to have a longer service life.

10 days ago

At present, a lot of large scale construction projects and production lines are in need of much sand making machine aggregate. The machine made sand has a wide range of applications in modern times. The new generation of sand recovery device can handle the waste water quickly and effectively in order to get fine sand and stone powder mixed in the waste water. The perfect combination of the sand recovery device and the sand washer prevents the environment pollution and low yield problems caused by the sand wasting. All this will lead to great economic profits for customers and will push the social economy forward.

Fine sand recycling and washing machine features. The sand washer has high washing cleanliness and causes no pollution or little sand loss during the washing process. Designed with rational structure, novel seal structure, totally enclosed oil bath type gearing and adjustable overflow weir plate. Very little medium sand, fine sand and stone powder loss during the washing process. The grading and fineness modulus of building sand washed are all up to industrial standard. Handling capacity is great and power consumption is low. The sand washer saves water resources and causes no pollution. It is quite durable. Easy to maintain and convenient to operate.

The sand washer has the ability to remove mud and dust from sand. The new type of sealing structure and the reliable driving device adopted by the sand washer guarantee the effective cleaning function. The sand washer has advantages of high reduction ratio, low energy and water consumption and low fine sand wasting. In the production line, the waste water discharged by the sand washer has contained much mud and fine sand which will easily cause the settling pond to block and cause the fine sand to run off. In this case, we can use the sand recovery device to collect the sand.

11 days ago

Slag as a building material, commonly used in the vertical roller mill production of cement and concrete. Since the slag has the potential hydraulic cementitious properties in cement clinker, lime, gypsum and other activator effect, can be used as high-quality cement raw materials. After processing slag vertical mill and other equipment can be made of slag portland slag cement, slag cement plaster, lime slag cement, slag bricks, slag concrete, but can also produce environmentally friendly cement bricks as a raw material.

Slag recycling is a good way to achieve waste waste into treasure. Slag processed into raw materials of economic value, not only to save our resources, but also reduce waste pollution on the environment, in line with the current development of the concept, but also a lot of good business investment approach.

Slag Vertical Mill Working Principle
Slag vertical mill works by the motor through reducer driven in mill, material from the feed opening fell into a millstone, under the action of centrifugal force to the mobile and by roller rolling mill edge. After crushing material from mill edge overflow, at the same time, from the wind ring with the high speed up stream – and vertical mill one efficient classifier. Meal after separator is returned to the mill wheel, grinding again; Fine powder increases with airflow grinding, collect down in the system of the dust collecting device. Stream is not bring up the coarse particle materials and accidental into metal sinks down from the wind ring, by scraping board, by the outer loop inside the bucket machine feeding grinding of grinding again. The process cycle for the material of the broken again and again.

23 days ago

The mobile Construction Waste Crusher is mainly composed of a body, a rotor, a counterattack board, and a spring buffer device. The body of mobile construction waste crusher is divided into upper and lower parts. The lower body is directly mounted on the foundation, and a small door is opened on the upper body for inspection and repair. Wherever the inner wall of the body may come into contact with the material, high manganese steel wear-resistant lining plates are embedded. Both ends of the rotor shaft are supported on self-aligning spherical roller bearings on both sides of the machine body. The rotor shaft passes through the inner wall of both sides of the body and is equipped with a sealing device to prevent coal dust from being lifted. The crushing hammer is rigidly connected to the rotor. When tapping the material, it can fully utilize the energy of the entire rotor.

Mobile Construction Waste Crusher generally has two counterattack plates. One end of the counterattack board is hung on the upper part of the body through the pin, and the other end is connected with a special screw. A compression spring is arranged on the screw and the counter plate is controlled at a certain position. The gap between the rotor plate hammer and the counter plate can be adjusted by the nut at the tail of the screw. When the non-broken material falls into the crushing chamber, the counterattack plate is subjected to a great deal of pressure, so that the screw further compresses the spring, thereby increasing the gap between the counterattack plate and the plate hammer, so that the non-crushed material is discharged. After that, the counterattack plate is restored to its original position under the action of its own weight and spring force, and the crushing work continues.

Different from the hammer crusher, the hammer and rotor of the mobile construction waste crusher are rigidly connected together, and there is a large crushing counter cavity and no purlin components. Therefore, the crushing effect of the material is good, and the wear is lower than the hammer crusher. However, the disadvantage is that the striking plate and the counterattack plate are easily worn and the working noise is high.

30 days ago

Impact prevention measures against noise: Impact can be divided into Construction Waste Crusher, medium crusher and fine crusher. In general, the material processed by the grinding machine is finer, and the grain size of the product is fine, reaching 0. 074 mm, even smaller. The structural feature is that the crushing parts (or media) come in contact with each other, and the medium used is a steel ball, a steel bar, a gravel, or a mineral block.

It is a very important issue in the current industrial sector to Construction Waste Crusher the noise generated during work breaks and how to effectively prevent noise from protecting the surrounding environment. The sound of counterattacking broken equipment is the sound from raw materials and metal or metal impact. These arpeggios are compared with other mechanical arbors (such as the noise of gears and other reciprocating motions), the noise level is high, and the frequency fluctuates greatly.

We sum up this situation and analyze specific measures: 1. As far as possible to achieve the automation of impact, after the automation of the mechanical equipment can be carried out unmanned operation, not only can improve the working conditions but also closed the factory to prevent the spread of noise . 2. The selection of the installation site should be emphasized in the impact of the voice, and in addition to the limits of the provisions of the noise prevention regulations, it is also necessary to consider whether there are sound buildings, noise directions, and other circumstances around it. Reasonably arranged. 3. As far as possible, the noise-generating machinery should be concentrated, and the installation and installation of the noise-producing crushing equipment should be as reasonable and centralized as possible. Make the installation of the equipment as much as possible and develop into space.

2 months ago

There are many Construction Waste Crusher manufactures for the production of hammer crusher, Henan Machinery is a veteran manufacture in producing the hammer crushers for many years. The related knowledge about the usage and matters need attention had been analyzed in details, but the related knowledge about the core part of hammer crusher is relatively less. Along with its techniques, machine introduced you to the requirement of hammer to the material.The hammer of hammer crusher is the essential part of crusher, according to the common hammer of hammer crusher in market is divided into two kinds: cast and forging. In order to make sure the abrasive resistance of hammer, the material selection of hammer crusher have certain choice.

The Construction Waste Crusher manufacturing process of the hammer of hammer crusher is the determined factor. If there are drawbacks in the surface or the inner manufacturing of the hammer such as shrinkage cavity, fissure, transcystalline and so on, the performance of the hammer will be reduced even breakage. Therefore, you must formulate proper casting and heat treatment process in hammer production line. The measures including application of casting with high outer surface and proper use of external chill should be taken in order to get dense internal organization and weaken the phenomenon of coarse grains with the good solidification order and shrinkage conditions. The technology for the heating processing of hammer determines the realization of the mechanical properties and the distribution pattern of carbide. Because the ingredients of hammer contain certain chromium and other alloy elements, how to play the role of alloy elements in forming the horniness carbonization is the factor need considering in formulating heat treatment technology.

The structure design of hammer in hammer crusher also makes a big difference. Hammer with different structure and geometrical, the mechanical property of hammer heat treatment and the different internal organization have a bigger effect on the abrasive resistance especially on the hammer with bigger thickness and size. The more heavy hammer, the more difficult to harden ability, the wear resistance is also worse. Due to the interior wear resistance of mechanical hammer is obviously lower than surface, for the hammer with larger thickness, only by proper heat treatment technology and casting art can improve this state. However, the function of this characteristic improving the wear resistance is quite limited; the best way is to optimize the design of the structure of the hammer in the condition of keeping the blow kinetic energy and strength of hammer.

5 months ago

There is a lot of knowledge about the Ore Milling Equipment the Internet such as the scope of its application, its working principle, and even the detailed information about its technical data. However, as a jaw crusher user, what are really needed to know is not just these technical characteristics. Users are most concerned about the quality of products and the benefits from investment in products. What the supplier really need to provide is trying to truly understand customers and supply users with what they need.
Here is the introduction to the Ore Milling Equipment from the following several aspects. We are going to share more information with the jaw crusher users. The classification of the jaw crusher: In mining, building materials and infrastructure sectors, the jaw crusher is mainly used as primary and secondary crusher. According to the width of the feed opening, it can be classified into three kinds—large, medium and small crushers. The feed opening width of the large jaw crusher is greater than 600MM, the medium-sized jaw crusher, 300-600MM, and the small crusher, less than 300MM.
The key components (moving jaw and fixed jaw) of the Ore Milling Equipment: the fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw) is fixed vertically (or the top is slightly extraversive) on the anterior machine body; the moving jaw plate (moving jaw) is extraversive, forming two crushing chambers (working chamber) with fixed plate (with the large one on the top and the small one beneath it). The moving jaw does cyclical reciprocating motion towards the fixed jaw, sometimes separate from it and sometimes coming close to it. When separating, materials goes into the crushing chamber, finished products come out from the lower part; when coming close, materials between two jaw plates will be crushed by extrusion, bending and splitting effects.

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