5 months ago

The mobile Construction Waste Crusher is mainly composed of a body, a rotor, a counterattack board, and a spring buffer device. The body of mobile construction waste crusher is divided into upper and lower parts. The lower body is directly mounted on the foundation, and a small door is opened on the upper body for inspection and repair. Wherever the inner wall of the body may come into contact with the material, high manganese steel wear-resistant lining plates are embedded. Both ends of the rotor shaft are supported on self-aligning spherical roller bearings on both sides of the machine body. The rotor shaft passes through the inner wall of both sides of the body and is equipped with a sealing device to prevent coal dust from being lifted. The crushing hammer is rigidly connected to the rotor. When tapping the material, it can fully utilize the energy of the entire rotor.

Mobile Construction Waste Crusher generally has two counterattack plates. One end of the counterattack board is hung on the upper part of the body through the pin, and the other end is connected with a special screw. A compression spring is arranged on the screw and the counter plate is controlled at a certain position. The gap between the rotor plate hammer and the counter plate can be adjusted by the nut at the tail of the screw. When the non-broken material falls into the crushing chamber, the counterattack plate is subjected to a great deal of pressure, so that the screw further compresses the spring, thereby increasing the gap between the counterattack plate and the plate hammer, so that the non-crushed material is discharged. After that, the counterattack plate is restored to its original position under the action of its own weight and spring force, and the crushing work continues.

Different from the hammer crusher, the hammer and rotor of the mobile construction waste crusher are rigidly connected together, and there is a large crushing counter cavity and no purlin components. Therefore, the crushing effect of the material is good, and the wear is lower than the hammer crusher. However, the disadvantage is that the striking plate and the counterattack plate are easily worn and the working noise is high.

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